SAA Flights Local And International Supported By Efficient And Friendly Staff

Originally started in the nineteen-thirties South African airline service has a distinctive record and flies to numerous international and national destinations. In the beginning it serviced a few major cities in the country but over the past eighty years it has developed to a point where it covers twenty six countries and lands in thirty international airports. Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australasia are all covered and SAA flights services the entire globe almost daily.

It is one of the few airlines that fly to all six continents and it also covers domestic flights to the major centers. It is a natural gateway into the rest of Africa and for this reason is continually exploring the feasibility of new routes into the hinterland. They plan, through service excellence to increase their passenger ratio annually.

Their unique internet booking system allows a potential passenger to compare best available flights for both international and domestic flights and choose their time and date of departure and return. This can all be done online from the comfort of one’s home or office. Once this easy to follow process is completed a person is in possession of an e-ticket. This e-ticket along with all relevant conformation and information is emailed directly to people making their reservation and will serve as proof of confirmation when booking in for their flight.

South Africa is also called the Rainbow Nation and its branding is distinctive as it carries the colors of it flag and is to be seen arriving and leaving airports around the globe. Cabin crew is there to see to a person′s comfort during flights and they are backed by tasty food and South African well loved wines.

Seating is luxurious in their first-class section with matching service and economy is comfortable with good leg room. Upgraded hospitality lounges care for travelers and give them a comfortable place to rest between connecting flights.

Passenger safety is of vital importance to this company. To date they have achieved good safety records and plan to keep it that way through high quality maintenance of their fleet. Both Management and staff are pledged to ensuring a high level of passenger service to continually increase their client base.

It has a proud history and with the exception of a few years in the nineteen forties during the war their planes have taken to the air daily since nineteen thirty-four. Committed to service excellence and ensuring that SAA flights are remembered as being pleasant experiences they take their business seriously.

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