FA Investigation into FIFA corruption widens

The English Football Association has broadened its investigations into allegations of corruption that, according to FA officials, tainted the bidding process for the 2018 World Cup. It is thought that the association has sent letters to members of the team responsible for the England bid in order to get hold of any evidence that Fifa members fell foul of the rules, and even the law, during the bidding process.

The rather unfortunate situation regarding the corruption claims in connection with the World Cup in 2018 began when Lord Triesman stated that several executive committee members of Fifa had bribed him financially in return for their backing of England’s bid to host the World Cup finals.

Not long after this accusation, the FA employed an independent and highly experienced QC to consider the evidence to see if there was any actual proof that the members of Fifa accused, vice-president Jack Warner, Brazilian Ricardo Teixeira, and Thai Worawi Makudi among others, did in fact use bribes in return for votes.

The QC, after looking over the initial evidence, has apparently decided to widen the scope of the investigation into Fifa corruption, so perhaps bribes are not the only wrongdoings committed by members in recent years. The exact findings will be revealed on Friday the 27th of May, at which point Fifa will surely have some explaining to do, whether or not the accusations turn out to be true.

With that date scheduled for shortly before the new Fifa president vote, it’s no shock that the FA have also revealed their intention to avoid participation in the vote for president, due to a lack of faith in the honesty of the Fifa body and its members. Sepp Blatter has been in charge for over a decade now, but Qatar’s Mohammed Bin Hammam is set to provide tough competition, particularly in light of the fact that Qatar will be the hosts of the next but one World Cup.

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